Low Back Injuries & Pain

Causes and Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Low back injuries are one of the most common injuries that we treat. These injuries are caused through poor lifting technique, poor posture, trauma or degeneration.

Low back pain can lead to decreased movement, poor muscle recruitment of key stabilizers around the spine and maladaptive changes in response to the pain.

Precise assessment to detect any abnormality and then applying the appropriate treatment to correct the abnormality is paramount to reducing the duration of symptoms, preventing their reoccurrence and planning the most effective rehabilitation program for long term pain free function.

Chronic low back pain can develop due to poor management or degeneration.

Useful Information

These injuries are caused through poor lifting technique, poor posture, trauma or degeneration. Low back pain can lead to:

  • decreased movement of the body
  • poor muscle recruitment of key stabilizers,
  • maladaptive changes in response to the pain.

How can we help?

If you are unable to travel to one of our practices due to lack of mobility or pain, we are available to come to your place of residence.


The Ideal Low Back Treatment Program

Chronic low back pain is not something that only massage can fix. The ideal treatment program includes a combination of manual therapy techniques (manipulation and mobilization of joints, soft tissue releases), extensive and specific strengthening and stretching exercises, and correction of postural abnormalities.

Optimal management of low back pain aims for normal movement, strengthening the core muscles and returning the low back into a neutral position. Lifting technique, sport specific drills, posture in sitting/standing/lying and strengthening of the hip musculature may also be required depending on the patient and their specific injury.

That being said, it is also essential to minimize pain as important muscles switch off and develop weakness due to decreased movement and in direct response to the pain itself; massage, spinal mobilizations/manipulations, use of  electrophysical agents (heat, ice, electrical nerve stimulation), dry needling, taping or bracing,  and self management techniques play an important role in decreasing short-term pain.

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