Bracing and Supports

Bracing and Supports

Southern Sports Physiotherapy stocks a variety of quality braces and supports for sale at competitive prices, or for hire. They are suitable for use in sporting or work environments to relieve pain or increase stability and support.

We carry a wide range of braces for ankle, knee, groin, upper back, lower back and neck, wrist and elbow joints. We have crutches, knee braces and walking boots for hire following your surgery or injury where indicated.

All non stock braces and items can be ordered individually as required.

Please phone our office for further enquiries and pricing.

Useful Information

Our opening Hours are Monday to Friday from 8AM to 7PM and Saturdays from 8AM to 12 (noon). Appointments are available usually on the same day or within one day.

How can we help?

If you are unable to travel to one of our practices due to lack of mobility or pain, we are available to come to your place of residence and carry out physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Pricing - Discounts are available for Pensioner and Senior Card holders.

Do You Need Bracing & Supports?

Please call us and tell us about your problem. Our physiotherapists are here to help!

Products are available for sale or hire.

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“Rebecca and Brendon from Southern Sports Physiotherapy have been great in showing me how exercising in the pool (hydrotherapy) is a fun and effective way to ease my back pain and strengthen my core muscles. I look forward to going to hydro every week and exercising  with the other ladies and gents just like me who are looking for a  way to deal with our aches and pains”

Noeline Fletcher

Our Hydrotherapy Patient