Dry Needling

Benefits of Dry Needling

A needling technique that has been derived from a wide range of traditional acupuncture approaches. In contrast to these traditional methods dry needling uses relatively superficial needling to achieve both immediate and latent changes in pain, range of motion and function sought by the patient with relative comfort.

Research shows that needling stimulates the brain via the nerves in the skin and muscle and thus stimulates the body’s own healing and pain relieving chemicals which aid recovery by enhancing the body’s ability to “self repair”.

Dry needling can be used to help treat everything from headaches and back pain, to the pain and dysfunction associated with overuse injuries and arthritis. It also can be applied effectively ease any muscle spasm and inflammation related to acute injuries.

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“Bill and the team at Southern Sports Physio were great when treating me after my shoulder rotator cuff surgery. They made me feel  confident from the start that I was going to make a full recovery. They not only provided in clinic treatment but were able to organise and supervise me on my gym program to fully restore my strength so i could return to my heavy work duties”

Robert Newton

Virgin Australia Ground Crew