Orthotic Prescriptions

About Orthotic Prescriptions

An initial lower limb biomechanical assessment including non weight bearing and weight bearing testing, and gait analysis.

Heat mouldable orthotics (3/4 or full length) are individually prescribed and adjusted to meet the patients needs.

Heat mouldable orthotics are a good introduction to orthotics and generally more comfortable and significantly cheaper than custom made fibreglass orthotics.

Costs are approximately $50.00, plus your initial physiotherapy consultation.

Orthotic Products We Offer

Please contact us and find out all the details about orthotic products you can get at Southern Sports Physiotherapy. Here is a sample of products we offer:

Useful Information

Physiotherapy treatments for injuries and pain conditions can help by:

  • strengthening,
  • mobilizations of joints,
  • restoring normal motor control.

How can we help?

If you are unable to travel to one of our practices due to lack of mobility or pain, we are available to carry out physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Pricing - Discounts are available for Pensioner and Senior Card holders.

  • Full length Orthotics
  • Heel Raises
  • Heel Wedges
  • Cast boots
  • Gel Heel Cups-for heel spur or plantar fasciitis.


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“Bill and the team at Southern Sports Physio were great when treating me after my shoulder rotator cuff surgery. They made me feel ┬áconfident from the start that I was going to make a full recovery. They not only provided in clinic treatment but were able to organise and supervise me on my gym program to fully restore my strength so i could return to my heavy work duties”

Robert Newton

Virgin Australia Ground Crew