Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapist

A Sports Physiotherapist is a highly qualified professional with expert knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sport injuries and general musculoskeletal problems. In addition they are experts in movement analysis and exercise prescription.

A Sports Physiotherapist has completed 4 years of University studies as an undergraduate and a further 2 years of postgraduate studies to receive a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy. They have a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, crisis management, assessment and treatment of joint and muscle conditions. In addition, a Sports Physiotherapist has undertaken further studies specifically in the management of sports injury.

A qualified Sports Physiotherapist has undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure that they have the level of experience and knowledge to be awarded the title. Today the title serves as the professional mark of specialization and distinction for physiotherapists practicing in the field of sports physiotherapy.

How Can Sports Physiotherapists  Help You?

Sports Physiotherapists treat sports people of all ages and abilities, recreational to elite athletes, athletes with disabilities, teams and individuals. A Sports Physiotherapist can:

  • Optimize your return to sports after injury;
  • Resolve chronic pain and prevent further injury;
  • Enhance your sporting performance and sports technique;
  • Increase your flexibility, muscle control and strength;
  • Educate you on how to self-manage your condition.

Sports Physiotherapists are also highly trained and experienced in:

  • Crisis management, enabling them to take immediate care of injuries on the field - all have Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid certificates;
  • Providing skilled diagnosis of sporting injuries;
  • Correcting muscle imbalances and posture;
  • Prescribing exercise programs for specific injuries;

Physical Therapy in Sports

Sports Physiotherapists emphasize a ‘hands on’ and ‘active’ management of your sporting or general musculoskeletal problem.

Performing all manipulative techniques, commonly known as ‘adjustments or cracking’. Sports Physiotherapists however perform only manipulations after following a strict assessment protocol and only after conducting the essential clearing tests to ensure a manipulation is indicated and safe to perform so no harm comes to the patient.

When it comes to sports, physiotherapy is vital element is athlete’s performance and recovery. Benefits and techniques include:

  • Biomechanical analysis of sports technique to improve sports performance and prevent injury;
  • Providing education about injury management, prevention and maximizing sporting performance;
  • Designing stretching programs for teams and individuals;
  • Advising on appropriate warm up, cool down and recovery programs;
  • Providing musculoskeletal screening and injury prevention programs;
  • The provision and coordination of physiotherapy coverage at sporting events from club to international competitions;
  • Liaising with coaches and members of the allied health care team to ensure a coordinated approach to maximize your performance;

The techniques we use specifically to assist sporting teams during sport events include:

  • Pre-game sports taping,
  • On field management,
  • Post-game injury clinic rehabilitation,
  • Sports taping clinics.

Our physiotherapists have provided direct sport physiotherapy coverage services for many sporting teams and industries. For example we are physiotherapy providers to:

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“Bill and the team at Southern Sports Physio were great when treating me after my shoulder rotator cuff surgery. They made me feel  confident from the start that I was going to make a full recovery. They not only provided in clinic treatment but were able to organise and supervise me on my gym program to fully restore my strength so i could return to my heavy work duties”

Robert Newton

Virgin Australia Ground Crew