Work Conditioning Programmes

Exercise Programme Supervised by our Qualified Physiotherapist

A structured twelve week gym based exercise programme to facilitate return to work and prevent further re exacerbations after a workplace injury.

It involves an initial screening examination, establishing baseline measures and individual goals with specific emphasis on workplace requirements.

There are several steps in the programme:

  • Establishment of progressive gym based exercise programme supervised by our qualified physiotherapist.
  • Establishment of written home exercise programme with quota sheets to monitor compliance, improvement and progression.
  • Regular review of programme and upgrading of exercises.
  • Written final report and assessment.

In addition to the injury rehabilitation we also offer work onsite assessments and ergonomic advice. Physiotherapists focus on an active approach to restore function, improve overall fitness and speedy return to work.

Useful Information

Benefits of following our Work Conditioning Programmes:

  • it is helpful to relieve pain,
  • strengthen and stretch muscles,
  • it coordinates your return to work,
  • it provides injury prevention at work.

How can we help?

If you are unable to travel to one of our practices due to lack of mobility or pain, we are available to come to your place of residence.

Pricing - Discounts are available for Pensioner and Senior Card holders.


Frequently Asked Patients Questions?

Whether your injury has occurred from a workplace incident or from overuse you will find physiotherapy helpful to relieve pain, strengthen and stretch muscles,  improve your functional abilities, coordinate your return to work, provide ergonomic advice and provide injury prevention at work.

How do I get started on a Work Conditioning Programme?

  • Report your injury to your employer or your Occupation Health and Safety officer. Your employer will need to complete the appropriate paperwork.
  • Meet with your GP for an assessment and tell him that your injury is work related. Your doctor will complete the necessary paperwork and refer you on to us for your Work Hardening Programme or treatment.
  • Make an appointment with your physiotherapist for your initial consultation.

Programme Details

Please call us and tell us about your problem. Our physiotherapists are here to help!

Our opening Hours are Monday to Friday from 8AM to 7PM and Saturdays from 8AM to 12 (noon). Appointments are available usually on the same day or within one day.

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“Rebecca and Brendon from Southern Sports Physiotherapy have been great in showing me how exercising in the pool (hydrotherapy) is a fun and effective way to ease my back pain and strengthen my core muscles. I look forward to going to hydro every week and exercising  with the other ladies and gents just like me who are looking for a  way to deal with our aches and pains”

Noeline Fletcher

Our Hydrotherapy Patient